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PDF Download Leading Article: p.1- 4 Key US cases relating to women asylum seekers Sector Update p.5-6 The UK Government has recently produced two reports for international bodies, detailing its progress relating to women’s equality.  Both fail to cover women asylum seekers’ issues. Significant Legal Issues p.6-7 Assessing whether an asylum seeker is a lesbian […]

Date: Tuesday 7th July Time: 3-6pm Location: Lesbian and Gay centre, Sidney Street, Manchester, M1 7HB After successfully obtaining two grants to continue their work Feminist Webs, the online women and girls workspace and archive, is beginning to put together plans and ideas for their 2010 launch and 6 new events in North England. The […]

OBJECT – in conjunction with London Feminist Network, Anti-Porn London and Scary Little Girls – is delighted to offer a fantastic Stop Porn Culture training session led by US Feminist researcher and activist Rebecca Whisnant. Rebecca was one of the founder members of the U.S. National Feminist Anti-Pornography Movement and has co-edited Global Feminist Ethics, […]

The Young Women’s Christian Association are offering a Credit Crunch Survival Guide which the recommend for any ‘daughters, nieces, cousins, girlfriends, sisters… indeed all the young women in your life!‘ The current economic downturn is affecting us all, but young women – especially those from deprived communities – are some of the most vulnerable. Many […]

An online event to commemorate Ada Lovelace, one of the first computer programmers, has begun as the 24th of March begins around the world. The event will draw attention to women in technology, increasing the awareness of role models for young women in this field and celebrating the achievements of women throughout history. Ada Lovelace […]

Peach Child are looking for an intern to help them create copy for their Gender Empowerment project. I believe the following information pertains to the role: The aims of the project are: To explore with our partners why young women fail to push themselves forward to carry out youth led action projects To identify the […]

Peace Child are pleased to announce the start of a new project – the Gender Empowerment Project – supported by the European Commission. The project has originated as a result of the difficulty Peace Child – and our Partners – have had in recruiting young women to be active. Although it is clear that cultural […]