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From Laura at the F-Word Kat Banyard is looking to interview women who have had an abortion as part of her research for a book on feminism called ‘The Equality Illusion’ which will be published next year by Faber & Faber: If you have had an abortion and would be willing to anonymously share details […]

The Abortion Support Network aim to create a growing list of safe and free spaces for women who travel from Northern Ireland for abortions which they are denied in their own country. Every year, thousands of Irish women travel to England to obtain abortions. They come from Northern Ireland, which despite being part of the […]

Ann Macleod from BBC Current Affairs Development is currently conducting background research into how women access information on abortion in the UK. I am looking to speak to women between 16-24yrs who have had experience of requesting an abortion on the NHS. I am also interested in speaking to women who have had an abortion, […]