About the Femilist

The Femilist is an antidote to the misrepresentation of the feminist movement and those seeking equality for women in all walks of life. It broadens the playing field of plausible voices and works to diversify the same names and faces used to address problems faced across the world.

The Femilist is a resource to find the well versed women in the know, to provide comment on the constantly changing circumstances of the world and to provide voices for debates, panels and workshops across the country. The Femilist blog also provides a hefty slice of information available on the world wide web, including links to publications, charities, businesses and feminist groups and has a regularly updated news blog covering the best of the news and events. Our blogroll features our favourite blogs covering all the nuances of feminism from different perspectives and around the world.

Please get in touch if you would like to contact any of the women listed on the site, or to get yourself listed. The list is currently open to women of the United Kingdom, we hope to extend this as time goes on.


The Femilist understands that not everyone identifies as a feminist, so we’re offering to list any informed women of industry who can help level the playing field created by years of boys clubs running the show. If you’re interested in making yourself available for public speaking, press and anything else above board then get in touch, thefemilist@hotmail.com

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