What a beautiful way to shop


I always stare at the computer in awe and admiration. With the advent of computer and internet whatever was impossible earlier has become possible. There was a time when telegram was the fastest mode. All news good or bad was sent through this. A letter from a person abroad or even in next state took a long time to reach. We always waited for the postman daily in expectation unlike now. Writing letters has become an act of past. No one is bothered about spellings. Why should someone put energy and work when spell check does it all. Now emails, facebook, orkut has taken the responsibility of bringing people together. This is article about online shops

I remember the days when planning were done much ahead any festival to buy clothes. Any appliances or things to be bought were given a great deal of thought. Whether it really was necessary and whether the money put in it was worthwhile. I remember it was Diwali and Pongal when we used to go shopping for dresses unlike now when we buy what we see. We bought jewelleries and appliances during marriages or some important occasions. The budget fixed, we shopped within that amount not like we do now with swipe of cards. With these cards, whether we need it or not we get it for the fancy of it. This swiping of cards is taken over by online shopping. It’s a very dangerous option. I don’t know about others, but it is for shopaholics like me.

 We don’t have to roam about in the sun, don’t have to feel tired ,no need to dress up or wait for the bus. You can shop in the air-conditioned room of your house, sitting on your bed with a lot of crispies and juice around. Everything can be bought with a touch of the keys. As easy as that. The way they have invaded our lives is very surprising. They have beautiful pictures of the product. They have everything you think of except parents, grandparents and children. There they have a beautiful catch, shipment free. Thats enough to hook us. Then there is another trap if the cost of the product exceeds a certain amount you get a free surprise gift.  That rules you. You fall for it both eyes open even before you realise like a boy who falls for a beautiful girl who gifts him a small smile.

 Once I was just browsing one site which offered a lot of gold studs and chains. As I wanted to gift my daughter on her birthday, I decided to send one of those beautiful studs which kept tempting me with beautiful designs. There was an enlarged view of this stud and looked perfect. Giving the address and paying the amount with a tap in the key and pat on my back (as it was my maiden purchase online), I waited for my daughter to call me. The product reached her in time and my daughter too loved it (she did not want to disappoint me) Only when I saw the stud did I notice that it was very small, smaller than what I thought it will look on seeing the photo. It will look great on a one year old not on a college girl. The picture misled me.

 There was another occasion when I paid the money for a pearl string which I wanted to gift my sister. It did not reach even after the scheduled time. So I called the helpline who could not help me much as usual. Then I asked them to return the money which too they did not. As it was a STD call I spent more than the amount I paid for the pearl. So I gave up. The other time while buying books online I got so attracted by the review and ordered later to be disappointed.

 When we go shopping in person, we can see its worth and decide. When amount is paid in cash you get a pinch making you think before buying things which looks essential but aren’t. We become an addict to this online shopping. We buy whatever we see and half the things go waste and does not work as it’s expected to. There is a good friend of mine who loves shopping online. He even buys slippers online. His beautiful new bride commented that he could have shopped for a bride too online…..I don’t think those days are far off.

 I am not against online shopping. It has its own merits but one needs to have control on what to buy. I read somewhere that vegetables and fruits too can be shopped online. So we just sit before the computer tapping the keys giving work only to our fingers. We gain weight while our bank balance turns slim. The credit card companies enjoy. To reduce weight too we order gym tools online. What a beautiful way to shop….Coming with me? What is the site you visit to shop? Ohhh mine is awesome offers a lot of gifts 🙂

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