Event: Birmingham’s First Reclaim the Night, 17.10.09


Date: Saturday, 17 October 2009
: 18:00
Location: Meet at Five Ways Island, Birmingham, United Kingdom
Cost: Free entry to all events but donations very much appreciated both before October 17th and on the night.

Reclaim The Night marches started in the UK in the 1970s as a take on the US and Canadian ‘Take Back the Night’ marches. The Reclaim the Night march gives women a chance to take back the dark hours from the ‘stranger danger’ and the messages of safety that are unhelpfully directed at potential victims instead of at the aggressors.

Messages for women to stay at home, to lock themselves away, as publicised during the times of the Yorkshire ripper, and again in 2006 when five women were killed in Ipswich, do not prevent violence from occurring. Especially when you consider that the majority of women are harmed by someone they know, who is likely to be at home with them. These messages place the blame on victims who did not stay at home, who went out with friends and drank alcohol, who flirted with the man at the bar.

The Reclaim the Night march highlights that women should be able to walk the streets free from the fear of harm, and free from the fear of blame should they be harmed. That only those who commit these crimes should be blamed, and should be prosecuted and punished accordingly. Reclaim the Night Birmingham will be the time for those of us who have survived violence, or have been lucky enough to be that one in two women who won’t experience the violence, to take to the streets en masse to say no ‘No you cannot do this to us, and no we will not be silenced’.

Meet at 6pm Meeting at for a (self-defining) women only march through Edgbaston.
Rally (mixed gender) afterwards at Ladywood Community Centre with speeches from Joy Doal (Anawim), Jacky Mulveen (the Allens Croft Project), Jenny Lumsdon (Sandwell Rape Support), Shahida Choudhry (Stepping Stones, The Freedom Programme, West Midlands Women’s Networking Hub, Birmingham Feminists!).
Afterparty (mixed gender) upstairs at O’Neills on Broad Street.

Email: bham.fem@gmail.com for more info.


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