Event: What’s a Womans Worth? Maintanence Law in Britain, Gresham College 13.10.09


Speaker(s): Baroness Deech of Cumnor DBE
Date/Time: 13/10/2009, 1pm
Venue: Museum of London

When it comes to the division of assets and income after divorce, England and Wales have sweeping laws. London is called the divorce capital of Europe, and English judges have transformed parliamentary law on maintenance to favour women. There is disagreement about the impact of modern gender equality. Is it fair that a husband should undertake a lifelong obligation to keep his wife on marriage, regardless of behaviour and changes in women’s status? Should spouses be free to make their own maintenance arrangements?

This is a part of the lecture series, Family Relationships and the Law since the 1960’s.
The other lectures in this series are as follows:
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