Contribute: Eaves and Object Petition To Adopt ‘Nordic Model’ of Prostitution Law


The Demand Change campaign organised by Eaves and Object has organised a petition to urge the UK Government to adopt the ‘Nordic model’ which tackles demand for prostitution by decriminalising those who sell sexual acts whilst criminalising those who purchase them (as adopted by Sweden, Norway and Iceland) – as well as providing adequate resources to help people who wish to exit prostitution.

“Curbing the demand for prostitution, which draws more vulnerable people into the industry and fuels sex trafficking, is a vital step towards ending the exploitation and abuse experienced by the majority of people in prostitution.”


2 Responses to “Contribute: Eaves and Object Petition To Adopt ‘Nordic Model’ of Prostitution Law”

  1. 1 Karen Kilbride


    Would you please refer me to your expert on the Nordic Model. I am a member of a teachers union. We are proposing that our union support the government establishing the Nordic model in British Columbia, Canada.

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