Event: Feminism in London Conference, 10/10/09


Date: Saturday 10th October
Time: 9.30am – 5pm
Location: Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London
Cost: £4.50 waged, £2.50 unwaged (£1 discount if you register in advance)

Registration has now opened for the 2009 Feminism in London Conference.

Speakers include
Susie Orbach, Beatrix Campbell, Gunilla S. Ekberg, Marai Larasi, Claudia da Silva, Sabrina Qureshi, Denise Marshall, Rebecca Mott, Kate Smurthwaite, Finn Mackay, Southall Black Sisters, and more.

Workshops include
Activism training,
What’s wrong with prostitution?,
It’s easy out here for a pimp: How the mainstreaming of pornography is harming our children, Raising children in the age of porn,
What are the issues for pro-feminist men?,
Racism and sexism,
Poverty and motherhood: How society undervalues women’s work,
Feminist self defence,
Media training with camera, and more.

This is a child-friendly event, with a creche organised by the London Pro-Feminist Men’s Group.

Feminism in London 08 was a huge success – so many people came which was great. Fantastic selection of workshops and speakers. Excellently organised. A day to be proud of.

Find out more and register at: www.fil.btik.com
Email: feminismlondon@yahoo.co .uk


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