Resource: Poverty Pathways: Ethnic Minority Women’s Livelihoods Report by Oxfam and Fawcett Society


Seeing Double: Seeing Double has a launched a new report on ethnic minority women and poverty with Oxfam GB. Poverty pathways: ethnic minority women’s livelihoods reviews the key evidence and demonstrates how policy thinking needs to shift in order to adequately address the poverty facing ethnic minority women in Britain and ensure they are not made increasingly vulnerable during the recession.

The report features a foreword by Julia Unwin, Chief Executive of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and looks at:

1. The extent of the problem: what is the evidence?

2. The policy context: what isn’t working for women?

3. The policy context: what isn’t working for ethnic minority women?

4. Seeing Double – The alternative approach

5. The way forward: next steps.

Hard copies available by request at Fawcett; Contact Wendy – for more info.


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