Action: The Abortion Support Network


The Abortion Support Network aim to create a growing list of safe and free spaces for women who travel from Northern Ireland for abortions which they are denied in their own country.

Every year, thousands of Irish women travel to England to obtain abortions. They come from Northern Ireland, which despite being part of the United Kingdom denies its female citizens the same right to a NHS funded abortion held by women in England, Scotland and Wales. And they come from the Republic of Ireland, where abortion has always been illegal. These women must pay anywhere between £400 and £1500 for their travel, the cost of the procedure, and in some cases, their lodging.

They are currently seeking volunteers who can offer a spare bedroom, futon or airbed to get in touch to see how they can help these women access healthcare that they are being denied. They are also seeking financial contributions.

See the website for more info on the network and contact information.


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