Contribute: Feminist Webs Launch Meeting and Upcoming Events


Date: Tuesday 7th July
Time: 3-6pm
Location: Lesbian and Gay centre, Sidney Street, Manchester, M1 7HB

After successfully obtaining two grants to continue their work Feminist Webs, the online women and girls workspace and archive, is beginning to put together plans and ideas for their 2010 launch and 6 new events in North England.

The events will include taking the archive on tour, starting arts projects on young women’s wants/needs and positive body image and raise awareness of women and girls work with youth workers andyoung women across the North West.

The event held in July will be a decision making event where everyone can view their opinions:

I would really like to update you on where we are at.. and to see how and where you might like to input into the project, and what your views are on some of the issues related to the project (e.g. do we have a women-only launch with MPs or a mixed launch?!)

It will be quite informal, so if you are coming from school/college and want to pop in for the last hour that would be fine.

I would really like the 6 tour areas to be represented there if possible.

Travel costs and childcare support available too, and lovely snacks will be provided.

RSVP for the event via


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