Action: Early Day Motion 1604


Jim Cunningham, MP for Coventry, has submitted an Early Day Motion to encourage the government to support the rape crisis network and its work.

EDM 1604
Cunningham, Jim
That this House commends the work of Coventry Rape and Sexual Abuse Centre, The Rape Crisis Network and the 38 groups in England and Wales that it acts as an umbrella organisation for, which support victims of rape, sexual abuse, sexual violence and incest; acknowledges the selfless dedication of the workforce of such organisations, who are often volunteers; further acknowledges the challenge these groups face in attaining sustainable funding for their work; and calls on all areas and levels of Government to work together to ensure the Rape Crisis Network and the organisations it supports have the financial backing needed.’

To help secure the efficacy of this motion support from MPs across the board is needed, and so a little lobbying is required of you. It has come to light that some MPs will not sign the motion unless they recieve a specific request from a constituent.

They Work For You is a website that will help you find out who your local MP is and their contact details, simply send them a short request to vote for the motion to show their support for women and children in their constituency and across the country.


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