Contribute: The Speaker’s Conference on Parliamentary Representation of Women, Disabled People, People from Ethnic Minorities and LGBT Communities


Taken from UK Parliament eConsultations website

“The Speaker’s Conference on Parliamentary Representation has been asked to look into the reasons why women, disabled people and people from ethnic minorities are under-represented in the House of Commons, and to recommend ways in which the situation can be improved. The Conference is also looking at issues of representation relating to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

“The Speaker’s Conference invites comments on these issues, and if you are a member of one of these under-represented groups, it would especially like to hear from you.

“What are the reasons why more women, people from ethnic minorities and disabled people do not become MPs? What are the problems and practical difficulties encountered, at any point in the process, for those in under-represented groups who wish to stand for election? What actions could be taken to address disparities in representation, and who should be responsible for change?

“This forum will run until 23 June 2009. We hope you will register and share your views and experiences. Your registration details will not be made public. Please be careful not to reveal private information about yourself or other people when posting.

“The posts we receive, with the written and oral evidence gathered during our inquiry, will help shape the recommendations the Speaker’s Conference makes to Parliament.”

Get involved in the debate before it closes on June 23rd!


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