Contribute: Fawcett Society’s Femocracy Campaign Beginning Workshops in Cardiff


The Fawcett Society initiative, femocracy, is looking to begin new workshops in Cardiff.

Femocracy aims to put an end to the lack of ethnic minority women represented in politics by increasing the numbers of ethnic minority women registered to vote and engaged in politics.

There are several ways to get involved

  • You are an ethnic minority and / or women’s organisation and are interested in co-ordinating work with the campaign
  • You would like to attend any of the events and / or would like to be added to the mailing list for this campaign
  • You register to vote after visiting this website or attending a Fawcett Society supported event

The Femocracy Campaign is also looking for an intern.

Contact Joella Hazel, Outreach Officer, for more information on 020 7253 2598 or


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