Resource/Contribute: The Downing Street Project


A treat for readers to get their teeth into over the weekend.

The Downing Street Project is not yet officially launched but that shouldn’t stop you surfing on over there and signing up to the burgeoning network for women seeking parity in British parliament.

The Downing Street Project is a ground-breaking initiative to promote and enable balanced leadership between men and women at every level of society, up to and including 10 Downing Street.

Despite constituting 51% of the UK population, women still hold only 11% of directorships in business boardrooms, 36.9% of top jobs in the health service and 19.3% of seats in the Houses of Parliament.

Research has shown that women are excellent mediators, networkers and problem solvers. They are skilled at keeping cool in a crisis and willing to develop themselves in the face of difficulty.  The Downing Street Project founders believe that these qualities are called for to address the challenges we currently face; that women have a responsibility to step up to take leadership roles.

The Downing Street Project is not suffocated by being allied to one political party, but provides a service for all women who want to make the changes we need to see the Government address projects which may be dismissed as unimportant without voices to represent them.

The DSP will be offering training courses from May to help women find their feet in political campaigning. Hop over to the site for further info and to sign up.


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