Contribute: Women Creating Change Award


The Sheila McKechnie Foundation, who promote, campaign and support campaigners working to make a lasting social change, have launched a new award to recognise women who are making a difference in the world today. 

While many women do enjoy great freedom and success, that’s simply not true for all women. New for 2009, this award will recognise women in the UK who are creating change for the better, and working to help women to achieve equality and justice.

This new award is sponsored by Rosa, which is the first UK-wide fund for projects working with women and girls. Their vision is to achieve equality and justice for women and girls across the UK.

Are you a woman who is campaigning or trying to bring about changes that will help women in the UK to achieve equality and justice? This could be in your community, area or even nationally. Could you do with some extra support to help you succeed? Then the Rosa ‘Women Creating Change’ Award may be just the thing for you.

Read the application guidelines and apply for a place on the Award Support Programme.


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