Resource: Women’s Aid Give Guidance on Shielding and ContactPoint


The Following is taken directly from the Women’s Aid Website. Use this link for the page, and the document.

ContactPoint is the national database of all children in England. From a safety point of view, it is imperative that all Women’s Aid members engage with their local authorities to ensure that children (and their non-abusing carer) are protected.

The document gives guidance about ContactPoint and shielding. Shielding is where some of an individual’s details may be hidden.

An extract from this guidance states Women’s Aid’s recommendations:

  • Special domestic violence services should work with the multiple shielding requests – the more people who request shielding, the better the safeguarding process will be.
  • Children currently resident or who have just left a refuge service should be shielded. All children in outreach services (who are not resident with the perpetrator) should be shielded.
  • If a family returns home where the perpetrator is resident – the shield should be lifted at the six month review
  • All children whose non-abusive partner is involved in a MARAC should be shielded.
  • If you have not been received information about ContactPoint from your local authority contact them and ask for the ContactPoint team.

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