Intern Opportunity: Peace Child neds a Gender Empowerment Writer


Peach Child are looking for an intern to help them create copy for their Gender Empowerment project. I believe the following information pertains to the role:

The aims of the project are:

  • To explore with our partners why young women fail to push themselves forward to carry out youth led action projects
  • To identify the obstacles they face in becoming active
  • To discover the most effective ways to overcome those obstacles

Target group: Young women, young men and leaders of youth and development groups in South countries. Also, young European youth workers who work with immigrant groups.

a) Outcomes: A generic Guidebook + 3 x Wiki-style websites in English, French and Spanish to host data / case studies specific to Africa, Latin America and Asia each designed for Development NGOs & Youth-serving organisations showing how to overcome obstacles and empower more young women to action, where possible as leaders.

b) Responsibilities

  • Researching and finding case studies of both women and mens’ experiences in this field
  • Recruiting stories and case studies from around the world
  • Organise two international meetings with our partners
  • Writing up and analyzing case studies and preparing the evidence for meetings
  • Planning and assembling the guidebook with the Staff Editor, and the website with the staff webmaster

c) Necessary skills

  • Writing and research skills
  • Experience in International development
  • Good IT skills
  • Ability to administer the programme
  • Ability to lead, inspire and empower an international team of colleagues
  • French/Spanish an advantage.

d) Information about Peace Child International: (PCI) is an international educational charity based in Hertfordshire, UK, established in 1981 to empower young people, giving them a platform and a means to voice their ideas through musicals, publications, Youth Congresses and the realization of action projects in their local communities. The focus is on youth-led sustainable development, human rights, and conflict resolution. The PCI office is run by about 8-10 young people from all around the world. The interns live and work together in a communal atmosphere. The applicant should look forward to living in a diverse, multicultural environment. Willingness to work as part of a team and be adaptable is a must.

For more information about the work of the organisation please look at:

Send your CV, and cover letter to:

Note: Applicants must be able to pay their own way to the Peace Child Headquarters in the UK. Food, accommodation, project-related travel and £25 p/w are provided.


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