Contribute: Peace Child International Gender Empowerment Project


Peace Child are pleased to announce the start of a new project – the Gender Empowerment Project – supported by the European Commission.

The project has originated as a result of the difficulty Peace Child – and our Partners – have had in recruiting young women to be active. Although it is clear that cultural and practical obstacles exist which prevent young women taking active leadership roles in many societies, we, alongside our partners are keen to gain a greater insight into what these obstacles are and how we, as youth workers and youth organizations, can overcome them in a sensitive and effective manner.

We want to find the best ways to empower and equip young women so they put themselves forward, become active and take on leadership roles in community improvement projects. With this information at hand, we aim to produce a generic guidebook and three Wiki-style websites in English, French and Spanish, which will host data and case studies, designed for Development NGOs and Youth Serving organizations.

We are currently looking for anecdotes, personal stories and case studies, which are relevant to this project. In particular, we are keen to seek case studies of:

• How young women are prevented from taking leadership positions in your society
• How they are discriminated against when they take up such positions
• How they self-exclude themselves, for cultural or other reasons such as shyness or parental disapproval, from putting themselves forward for opportunities to learn, or start a business, or undertake an environmental or community improvement project;
• Of course we would like to have some positive stories too – how young women have assumed leadership positions against all odds and what it took to do so.

If you have such stories, anecdotes or case studies, we would love to hear from you. Please send them to:


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