Resource: National Philanthropy Capital Report – Granting Success


The NPC have released their newest publication “Granting Success – Lessons From Funders and Charities” which brings together  experiences learned through the successes and failures of previous grants and uses the information to access how best to restructure grants to secure the most impact.

It looks in particular at how to make decisions about the size and length of grants, restrictions on grants, and non-grant financing. In each case, it explores best practice and the impact of funding decisions on charities, drawing on our interviews with 17 grant-makers, relevant literature from the UK and US and NPC’s own experiences. It also examines practical barriers to giving the most effective grants and looks at how, in some cases, these can be overcome

The report can be downloaded from the NPC website for free as long as you sign up, which I would recommend as the NPC then keep you up to date with their impartial and important findings.

A Bit of Info on The NPC for those not yet in the know

We’re passionate about helping effective charities to get the funds they need to change lives for the better:

  • our research creates an understanding of where need is greatest and
  • identifies ‘high return’ charities for donors;
  • our advice helps donors and their trusted advisors to see giving as an investment that is both effective and rewarding;
  • our tools enable charities to measure and communicate their results effectively.


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