Contribute: OBJECT Leeds Looking For New Members


OBJECT the group that challenge ‘Sex Object Culture’, the objectification of women and the normalising of the porn and sex industries through lad’s mags or lap dancing are looking to bulk up their northern branch to help them with the following campaigns

Planning protests with FemSoc against Miss Leeds (regional heat of Miss England)
Involvement with the Campaign for a Rape Crisis Centre in Leeds
Planning a sister Reclaim the Night March in Leeds
Setting up of a regular feminist stall in Leeds City Centre
Challenging sale and display policies of shops selling lads mags
Challenging the 9 lap dancing clubs in Leeds and national Lap Dancing Licensing
Challenging the 6 sex shops in Leeds
Contributing to the Leeds University Union Body Beautiful campaign

To get involved, or more information contact The next regular meeting is to be held on Sunday March 1st

To find out more about OBJECT on a whole follow this link

H/T The F Word


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