Patricipate: Women’s Resource Centre Research Project involving Women’s Organisations


The Women’s Resource Centre is looking for English women’s organisations working locally to take part in research looking at women’s organisations experiences of influencing local priorities.

The WRC need four organisations or networks to be active research participants from March 2009 – July 2010. The organisations will be supported and will work with the WRC to engage with their Local Strategic Partnership and influence their Local Area Agreement.

Points to consider for relevance:

  • Does your organisation work locally?
  • Are you engaged with your Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) or other local networks, such as your local Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership (CDRP)?
  • Are you trying to influence your local priorities, through your Sustainable Community Strategy, National Indicator targets in your Local Area Agreement (LAA), your local Gender Equality Scheme, or some other way?
  • Are you lobbying your local council or councillors, your PCT or other local partners, or your MP?
  • Are you planning to do any work like this soon?

To Apply to be one of the research participants or find out more information check out the Women’s Research Centre website.

The deadline for this application is Sunday March 1st.


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