Contribute: Feedback on the Skills for Justice NOS for Preventing and Tackling Domestic & Sexual Abuse/Violence


An opportunity has arisen for those involved with work dealing with domestic violence and sexual abuse to help mold the outcome of the Skills for Justice National Occupational Standards review for preventing and tackling domestic violence and sexual abuse by filling in a questionnaire on the draft consultation.

Their aims are as follows:

  • update the functional map
  • map the occupations within the sexual abuse and domestic violence area of work
  • identify skills needs and see if existing national occupations standards can address these
  • develop new national occupational standards
  • raise awareness of the project and invite participation during the consultation stages
  • develop a plan of action to introduce NOS and their uses to staff in this area of work
  • scope the interest within the field for vocational qualifications

    Your contribution will help access the sustainability of these standards and that they are appropriate for use within the domestic and sexual violence sectors. Visit the Skills for Justice website to download a word document of the consultation, the accompanying questionnaire can be found here.

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