Contribute: Liberal Democrat’s Women’s Policy Consultation


The Women’s Policy Consultation launched in October 2008 is now available on the Lib Dem’s website in a format which encourages your comments.

The remit for the group, chaired by Jo Swinson MP, covers how, amongst other things, money issues, including pay and pensions, work life balance, sexual orientation, abuse, body image and health and representation affect women in society.

Some would ask whether, in the 21st century, it is still necessary to produce policy specifically aimed at women. Why the special treatment? Shouldn’t men have tailored policies too?

As Liberal Democrats, we are rightly concerned at the injustices that women face in our society. Given the last major review of Liberal Democrat women’s policy was in 1995, the women’s policy working group is welcome and not before time. But the group will also bear in mind the questions above; after all, often when there is inequality for women, men are part of the solution. Focusing solely on one gender won’t work.

The consultation paper is split into eight main sections, which can be accessed separately so readers can target a section they are involved or interested in to comment on directly. Visit the site to comment or download the pdf now and make your voice heard.


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