Event: Two Talks at Hausmans, London


Hausmans is a bookshop providing materials of radical interest and progressive politics, they often find themselves host to a variety of talks within the shop, here are two talks and book signing events which I think will be of interest.

Violence and Sex Work in Britain’ with Hilary Kinnell (CiF Article)
Saturday 17th January – 5pm
Hilary Kinnell, recently national co-ordinator for the United Kingdom Network of Sex Work Projects (UKNSWP), has published a controversial new book concerned with violence in the sex industry. It aims to provide an understanding of the nature of violence against sex workers and the relationship between violence, government legislation and policy, and law enforcement practices – an essential task in view of the recent Ipswich murders and the public and media response to this which illustrated how poorly the context of violence in the sex industry is understood.
This evening Hilary will be discussing the politics of the sex industry with a representative of the IUSW (International Union of Sex Workers).

‘The Politics of Abortion’ with Dr. Wendy Savage
Wednesday 28th January – 7pm
Wendy Savage has campaigned for many years in defence of abortion rights. Her many experiences, both as a practitioner and as a campaigner, have helped make her an important and respected voice in the debate over abortion and birth rights.
Wendy has authored several books including ‘A Savage Enquiry’ (Virago 1986) , ‘Birth and Power’ (2007) and ‘Caesarean Birth in Britain’ (Middlesex University Press 1993) with Colin Francome, Helen Churchill and Helen Lewison (of the NCT), a revised edition of which was published in 2006 with Helen Churchill and Colin Francome. She has also written over 45 papers published on a number of topics including induced abortion, sexually transmitted disease, childbirth, and caesarean section.

Housmans,Peace House, 5 Caledonian Road, Kings Cross, London, N1 9DX
shop@housmans.com • 020 7837 4473


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