Resource: NPC Report on Social Campaigning


The National Philanthropy Capital are a 40 strong team who provide independent information on donating to charities, they work hard to find out which charities provide the best services regardless of their budget or nationwide familiarity. Their new paper on Social Campaigning looks at educating donors on the benefits and nuances of campaigning charities and what to consider when looking to fund one.

The NPC report points towards donor anxiety caused by lack of quick and tangible results and an uncertainty surrounding the legality of campaigning methods. This report highlights the Journey and Trafficking is Torture campaigns brought about by the Helen Bamber Foundation and their success in creating awareness, the Every Disabled Child Counts work at turning £50,000 of donations into £430m of additional government investment and Asylum Aid’s effective campaigning caused by backing a limited amount of causes.

You need to register with the NPC to read their reports, but as it is free and allows you access to all of their research including interesting papers on Violence Against Women, Domestic Abuse and Asylum I would highly recommend it.


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