Many people really like to appear around as well as assortment choice you can get and then to buy the product within your individual alternative upon reduced price? Evidently, today’s period regarding economic meltdown offers fallen weighty in regards to the pouches of several shoppers however it offers certainly opened up his or her face on the attributes of deciding on coupon which might be that can be had common currently by many people online shopping as well as value comparability websites. buy-centre is really a more lucrative retailing web site, which began it is organization again 1900′s and contains grown up to become among the many most significant retailing archipelago, presenting the least expensive merchandise as well as brilliant services.

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I always stare at the computer in awe and admiration. With the advent of computer and internet whatever was impossible earlier has become possible. There was a time when telegram was the fastest mode. All news good or bad was sent through this. A letter from a person abroad or even in next state took a long time to reach. We always waited for the postman daily in expectation unlike now. Writing letters has become an act of past. No one is bothered about spellings. Why should someone put energy and work when spell check does it all. Now emails, facebook, orkut has taken the responsibility of bringing people together. This is article about online shops

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Sometimes a manufacturer makes a design or production mistake on a motor vehicle. A service bulletin notifies the dealer of the problem and how to resolve it. Because these free repairs are not publicized, they are called “secret warranties.” maintains a database of service bulletins filed by manufacturers.

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Date: 4-5 December 2009 (with associated activities on 6 December)
Location: University of Manchester


Keynote Speakers:
Dr. Anne-Marie Fortier (Lancaster University)
Prof. Gabriele Griffin (University of York)
Dr. Amrit Wilson (Royal Holloway)

Register by Oct 23 for Early Bird discount.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page to download the registration form and information about accommodation.

Drawing on the impact of postcolonial feminism and its enactments, this conference will examine how women are affected by political systems in a global climate, how feminism translates and moves across borders, and how feminism can be utilised as a methodology for understanding the transnational context.

Here the transnational is understood to be a complication of notions of the ‘elsewhere’, highlighting the challenges of fluidity, movement and instability whilst also paying close attention to locatedness. This is a feminism that is engaged with the woman-as-subject without making universalising claims regarding women’s experience; it both considers how gender operates and critiques categorisation. The aim of the conference is to share research on transnational feminisms between students, academics, artists and activists and to promote discussion on these themes and on future strategies/ research. An important element of the conference is that it involves participants and as such there will be workshops, a history walk and ample opportunity for debate.

Exhibitions, Film Screenings, History Walk, Performance Evening and Workshops
Including Outwrite Magazine, Suzie ‘Ze’ Martins, Yalini Dream, ‘Abortion Democracy’ (Sarah
Diehl), ‘Performing the Border’ (Ursula Biemann), Dominique Tessier, Women Asylum
Seekers Together, and more…

Check website for updates, registration forms and accommodation information:

Date: 09 November 2009
Time: 2-5pm
Venue: TUC, Great Russell St, London
Cost: Free

A special half-day conference will explore: personal accounts, the ‘retirement cliff edge’, the state pension age, and the demise of final salary pension schemes.
How to book: The event is free but booking is essential. To register, email or call 020 7553 6510

H/T Women’s Resource Centre

Proposals to license lap dancing clubs in the same way as sex shops is about to be debated in the Lords. We have until 3rd November to make sure the Lords adopt our proposals to make licensing compulsory, not voluntary, for local authorities and to make sure venues are not exempt if they hold lap dancing less than once a month!

Get Lobbying ! Send our model letter to one, or more (!), of the key peers we have targetted below.

o Lord Bilmoria
o Baroness Neuberger
o Baroness Northover
o Lord Norton
o Baroness Uddin
o Baroness Wilkins
o Baroness Grundy
o Baroness Flathers
o Baroness Goudie
o Lord Hylton
o Baroness Jay
o Lord Listowel
o Baroness Ludford

Use our online model letter here. Please add any personal experiences of lap dancing venues and send to any of the peers listed below:

Date: Friday 30th October 2009
Time: 10am to 4.30pm
Address: womenintechnology offices, 114 Middlesex Street, London, E1 7JH
Cost: £213 + VAT (This price includes a copy of the book ‘Beyond the Boys Club’).

The most successful women working in male-dominated fields know that you can’t win the game if you’re not willing to play the game. These same women understand that the best way to change the game – and make it work for them – is as a key player, not as an outsider.

In this daytime workshop, Beyond the Boys’ Club author and executive coach, Dr. Suzanne Doyle-Morris will take a interactive approach to look at how career progression, especially in male dominated fields, is a blend of aptitude and attitude, manoeuvrability, understanding office politics, coupled with self awareness and confidence. Women who get ahead are those who make key decision makers aware of their wins. When you work with men you have to learn how to play the game and get comfortable raising your profile the way they do. We need to learn how to play with the boys in order to move beyond the boys club. We should take the best of what they can teach us whilst maintaining a sense of our own integrity, individuality and independence.

This course will help you:
• Develop self-promotion skills to increase professional visibility.
• Identify strategies for career enhancement according to your values and current options.
• Improve ability to influence others and develop effective relationships.
• Increase visibility for achievements in ways that are individually authentic

If you would like more information please go to: where you can also download the booking form.

If you are interested in attending this course or have any questions, please contact Sarah Lilley at or on 020 7422 9213 – many thanks!